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Octofin Short Term Insurance Brokers Somerset West Octofin Short Term Insurance Brokers Somerset West
Octofin has always been there for me when I needed help with any insurance related service. They are the most caring and friendly team, so much so that when I'm dealing with the staff there, it feels as if I'm talking to an old friend. They understand my needs and nothing is ever a problem when I need to have something done. Professional and extremely helpful!

Eon van Zyl
June 2021

The friendly staff is always willing to assist and go out of their way to walk the extra mile.
I would highly recommend their services.

31 Augustus 2020

Liewe Octofin Personeel,

Met groot dank vir uitstekende diens rakende Wilco Transport se eis. Dit word opreg waardeer.

Derick, Willie & Peet, Wilco Transport
22 Julie 2020

Given our diverse business interests, we deal with many service providers across a broad range of industries throughout both South Africa and Africa. One seldom encounters exceptional service that warrants commendation.

However, in this instance, our interaction with Annelise Ackerman of you Octofin Joubertina Branch merits mention. We would like to commend Annelise on her professionalism, articulation, product knowledge and work ethic, all of which are supported by a genuine commitment to customer service that one seldom experiences in this day and age. From our first contact with Annelise, we have experienced nothing less than exceptional service. Annelise has not hesitated to assist after hours and over weekends or to share her extensive product knowledge and has provided invaluable advice and assistance in securing our two (2) claims.
Based on our experience with Annelise we have and will not hesitate to continue recommending OCTOFIN as our supplier of the first choice for your full-financial services offering.

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship going forward.

Anton & Albert, Zebra Bricks
21 April 2020

Dit is altyd, ALTYD, 'n plesier om iets in Octofin se hande te los. Hulle hanteer elke situasie met soveel takt en gemak. Dit is voorwaar deesdae nie meer 'n grap om enige iets te doen sonder om met 'hak plekke' te sukkel nie.

Uiters professioneel en met elke persoon waarmee jy praat voel werklik besorg oor jou probleem of kommer. 'n Instansie wat nie jou belange op die hart dra nie verspeel jou tyd.
Dankie vir die getroue VRIEND wat Octofin is.

Maritza Rossouw
21 April 2020

If you are looking for a broker, I can highly recommend Octofin. They strive to find their clients the best insurance cover and they provide excellent customer service.

Herine Lynn
14 February 2020

Dear Anton and team

I would like to express my appreciation for the wonderful experience I had this month when dealing with your short term insurance team, and Annelise Ackerman in particular. This was the first claim I had since changing brokers to Octofin and a new underwriter. It was literally the best claim experience I’ve ever had. It ran so smoothly and professionally and I loved that Annelise not only kept me up to date every day, but that she was willing to assist me with the hire car company (in the past, my previous broker made it my problem). For the first time ever, I was given an automatic hire car as is the case with my own vehicle. I love the attention to detail. As much as I don’t want any further claims, I have no doubt that your team will handle it in the same superb way. Thank you Anton for being a problem solver par excellence!

Kind regards

Carida Muirhead
28 August 2018

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