Life Insurance

Octofin Investments and Financial Advisory Services

FSP: 38834

As Financial service provider we believe in creating trust through sound applicable advice to every client and potential client. By building relationships that last we strive to add value to your business, your family and yourself. All our marketing personnel are qualified and share the core values of the company. Our slogan: “Together we achieve more” relates not only to us as a team, but also to the attitude towards all our product providers, servicing partners, and you…our client.

Our product providers are:

  • SPI
  • PPS
  • FMI

The following services are rendered:


Life Insurance:

Our mission is to determine our client’s specific needs, furnish appropriate advice based on facts and years of experience in the industry, and implement a solution that will suit the client. The Life Insurance industry is changing continuously and OCTOFIN is the perfect partner to keep you up to date, advise and support through ongoing ethical service delivery.

Products include: Life insurance, disability, dread disease, incapacity, accident benefits, etc.


OCTOFIN caters for every type of investor, from the newborn to the pensioner. Our mission is to achieve the best possible returns for our clients, taking risk profile and cost in consideration. We realize that needs differ and partner with our clients to seek tailor-made solutions, using only recognized product providers, accredited with the FINANCIAL SERVICES BOARD.

Products include: Share portfolios, Fixed investments, guaranteed plans, unit trusts, money market, etc.

Estate Planning:

We believe that well structured estate planning is essential for every individual and business. Through computer technology everybody has access to programs advising clients how to structure their portfolios. However, as this is a highly specialized field, OCTOFIN in partnership with Allegiance Consult, uses specialists, renowned in the industry, to support our clients. Through our slogan: “Together we achieve more”, we have proven that involving you, the client, your auditors, your attorney, and our expertise, we can build lasting relationships based on trust.